The Governing Body

  • The Local Governing Body Members:

    • The Principal of the School

    • Two staff members (one non-teaching and one teaching)

    • Two parent members approved by the Trust

    • Up to nine other members (approved by the Trust)


    • Developing local Academy Policy

    • Reviewing and recommending the Academy’s Budget to the Trust Board.

    • Approving the School Self Evaluation

    • Developing and reviewing the SSE and recommending it for approval to the Trust Board

    • Approving the School Improvement Plan

    • Developing and reviewing the SIP and recommending it for approval to the Trust Board

    • Monitoring target setting

    • Monitoring the academic performance of the Academy in detail across a range of key performance areas by receiving reports, conducting learning walks etcMaking recommendations to the Finance & Operations Committee (via the Chair of the LGB) on the pay and conditions of all staff employed within the Academy

    • Overseeing the recruitment of Principal and senior staff.